Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Insert Title Here

I realize I haven't post links for a while. The reason is that I'm lazy. And busy with other things, so I haven't gone thru the link blogs all that carefully. My apologies and all that.

I'm also too busy to think up a clever title tonight.

If you want to know what I think about the James Frey fiasco or similar issues, Presto Speaks! is the blog to read.

Didn't rain as heavily as I'd feared, but it was just plain nasty.

I'm watching the Islanders hockey game instead of the State of the Union. I figure I already know the state of the union and it pretty much sucks right now.

Otherwise, I'm trying to not think about food and Dark Chocolate M&Ms and eating them. I'm not hungry, but when I'm not deeply immersed in a project, I can hear those Dark Chocolate M&Ms calling me. Those suicidal Dark Chocolate M&Ms desperately demanding I devour them.

I need to lose 10-15 pounds so my pantyhose and tights will fit better. Brian will understand.

Today's Moment of Irony: I got almost no sleep Sunday night and was fairly awake and alert yesterday. I got almost a full night's sleep last night and was sluggish all day.

The author (Bev Marshall) of the book (Walking through Shadows) left a comment on Shelly's Book Shelf. How cool is that? (Oh, look, I slipped in a link. heh)