Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In No Particular Order

The Browncoats (Firefly fans) have stopped taking donations (previous post) and will be pursuing other strategies to bring back Firefly.

Cyber Chocolate had reached Reptile status but has fallen back to Amphibian. Someone or a few someones either deleted their blogs that linked here or trimmed their blogrolls and I didn't make the cut.

Which of course, brings me to today's delights (<--heavy sarcasm here). I saw something on the subway that I just had to blog about, and figured I'd have enough time before the work day official started, but nooooooo. It was not to be. A damaged A/C unit that caused a leak that got our telecomm wiring wet meant no internet, sporadic phone problems, and the only access to our circulation system the one terminal at the circ desk.

So, I was cut off from the internet all f'in day, til I got home. All my personal email. All the photos on flickr. All my blog subs, including all the library and litblogs I read for work. All waiting for me. And tomorrow will probably be a repeat of today because the wires need to dry out and we might need Verizon to come check things out, then our tech guys and who knows who/what else before we're back online. We get so accustomed to what we can do with computers and the internet that we're lost without them. All day on the phones, it was "I'm sorry, I can't look that up for you now, but I can take your requests and we'll get back to you (someday, maybe this week, we hope)."

But what about that something I wanted to blog about this morning, you ask. It was a sight I'd never before seen on the subway. Now, I'm used to idiot women applying makeup on the subway, a stupid move when it comes to applying mascara and eye shadow on a lurching train, but today, I actually saw a business-suit-type guy shaving with a battery-operated razor. Shaving! Little tiny hairs (a Bill Cosby reference, for those old enough to remember his standup routines) all over the train instead of all over his face. At least with women putting on makeup on the subway, the only real danger is to themselves should they end up poking themselves in the eye, but this guy was spreading his face hair everywhere and looked darned goofy while doing it. So unsanitary. So odd.

So, how was your day?