Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Void Where Prohibited

It was one of those days. You know the kind. Too long, can't end fast enough, you'd do it over except you're afraid it would be even worse.

And the day started with such promise. I was actually feeling good. Didn't even mind that I had to go back to work after a 3-day weekend. Lunchtime I was going to go to Barnes & Noble and get some new reference manuals for my software upgrades and it was supposed to be a beautiful day (it was, tho a bit windy) and I was thinking about a nice, long walk after work. But then, the little nagging things started.

I forgot something I wanted to bring to work. Fortunately, I remembered before I got on the elevator, so back to my apartment I went. Subway ride was fine, but I'd forgotten my fav place for breakfast is closed this week, so I had to find something to eat and not nearly as good. And when I got to work, there was a real reception for me. Not because they were glad to see me for me, but because they knew I had a key to the branch. I also know how to disarm the security alarm and get the lights on. Yes, the staff was huddled outside the door in the cold, waiting to be let in. Seems the substitute custodian was late and he was the one who was supposed to open up the branch.

So I ended up eating breakfast at 10 am, and wasn't hungry lunchtime, which was good, because I had to run an extra errand to try to replace a broken glass. I have a couple of glasses for 25 years and they're perfect. Short, fairly lightweight, wide opening, they hold a full glassful of liquid in a glass that looks like half a glass. I use them all the time, mostly to hold water and sit by the computer. They don't make glasses like that anymore. I haven't seen anything similar for many, many years. So I got a couple of heavy glasses that aren't nearly as sleek and elegant, then got my books and with no time to really get lunch, grabbed a chocolate milk from a deli and drank that while working at my desk.

We were short-staffed today, too, on a very busy day (it's always busy after we're closed for a 3-day weekend). The custodian left early apparently, so my boss and I had to lock up. And in between it all were petty annoyances that kept growing, including a broken nail down to the nailbed (tho it didn't break the skin, so no blood or risk of infection) while I was at the reference desk. I suppose the best thing today was seeing the nasty papercut (more like paper slice) from Sunday has finally healed. And I didn't tear any pantyhose.

Now, this probably doesn't sound all that bad, but that's because there are things I just don't blog about.

Meanwhile, this Falling Sand Game is quite addictive. From Cynical-C Blog.