Thursday, October 06, 2005

Terror Alert

It's hard to come up with the usual fun posts while listening to a news report on a credible terror threat to NY's subways and buses. I usually save posts like this for Occasional Blog, but felt I should give it the bigger readership I have here.

Things like the fire in a tunnel, like tonight, is probably more likely, but still, it's hard to not think about bombs. I have to use the subway to get to work. My trains move through some of the busiest stations in the city. I know all about odds and how slim they are that something will happen, let alone affect me, but if it does happen, lots of someones will be affected and there's no reason to say one person is more likely one of those someones than any other of us. So I'm anxious. Not as anxious as right after 9/11, but a definite feeling of dread.

So when I hear some women who looked 30-ish, say during a newscast that was polling commuters that she thinks the report is bogus, that it was released just to make people afraid, I have to wonder what gets into people. By what logic would anyone think the government, no matter what you might think of the government, would want to do that. It's not that any politician, certainly not any of the men running for mayor, have a wonderful alternative to offer. I see nothing to be gained by making us all fearful. What I fear is that we'll get complacent with so many alerts.

So this is a somber post tonight because I just don't feel like talking about TV or chocolate or other fun stuff tonight.