Sunday, September 25, 2005


Good old Cliff Hanger visited me from the SciFi channel last night. First, was the two episodes of Stargate: Atlantis. The first was very science fictionary, something that could've been on any of the Star Treks, or the kind of twist that once could be found on The Twilight Zone. The doomed ship of the ancients, the Wraith infiltrator.... good stuff.

The cliffhanger followed with the return of Ford who is really starting to freak me out. Rainbow Sun Francks didn't have much to do last season, but with a diminished role this season, he's been given a lot of fun scenery chewing lines and actions. The last few scenes on the Wraith hive ship, with the team infected by the enzyme and Sheppard about to be... well, I can't wait for January.

Battlestar Galactica took another page out of the old series' book and brought in the Pegasus ship and Adm. Cain (not sure how that's spelled), played by Michelle Forbes, an actress I've long admired. Cain was a male on the original show and to be honest, if I hadn't read about it in this context, I never would've rembered any of it. Forbes' admiral is just this side of nuts and she has the power of rank to get away with murder. Except, Adama won't stand for it. The stakes have been ratcheted up yet again, and I'll be chewing on fingernails waiting for the resolution of this come January, except of course, that nothing ever is really resolved on this show.

Really nice day today. Went to gym, second time this week, which hasn't occurred in many weeks now. Did a bit of shopping, found some corduroy skits with pockets that fall to the knee in Eddie Bauer. Got one in khaki green and in black. Couldn't find the purple in my size, will try the store closer to my home. And I wish they'd done navy blue. I so want a corduroy navy blue skirt with pockets. All my blue skirts right now are denim.

I need to make some more mood icons. I've been making a bunch of general icons from my photos and am finding the 100 x 100 px size addictive to play with. They're mini works of art and I'm looking at my digital photos in a whole new way, looking for interesting areas to crop. I put together an LJ community for sharing them since I have more than I can use: Nothing Special.