Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Chocolatey Goodness, Of Course

Found this on Love'scool: About U Chocolate from Red Envelope. Bars of milk chocolate with dark chocolate lettering. What could be better than that? Okay, maybe dark chocolate on dark chocolate.

Okay, here's a puzzler. This blog's Bloglines subs have been going up and down by one pretty much steadily for the past 6 months. Either someone old leaves soon after someone new subs to Cyber Chocolate, or one person out there can't make up his or her mind. I'd like to think dropping the sub simply means someone's decided on another aggregator, but I suspect I've started to bore some folks. I hope that's not the case. I cherish all my readers and was thrilled to become a Flappy Bird in the Ecosystem, for however long that lasts, so if you're linking to CC, thanks bunches. I had a parakeet once, back when I was 5. A few years later, he or she was pushing up daisies, which is par for the course for childhood pets, I guess. We buried Pretty Boy, formerly Susie (someone told me she was a he, hence the renaming) in a plastic food storage container in the backyard. I suspect a neighborhood stay cat dug him up and feasted on his feathery self, but I have no evidence of that. It was just something I kept dreaming about.

But, as usual, I digress. After this, I'll be posting a review of Hot and Sweaty Rex over on Shelly's Book Shelf. Very good book. I'm reading two suspense/thrillers right now. It's unusual that I read two very similar books at once, but both are books I've been eager to read. They're listed in the sidebar.

Weather has been gorgeous, perfect, just the way I love it. Mid-'70s to '80s, dry, breezy, sunny, clear sky. September is usually nice in NY, but I feel the 9/11 anniversary creeping up and nothing will ever dispel that dark spot.

Damn. I didn't mean to end this on a downer. Really. Let's go back to that yummy chocolate link at the top of this entry.