Friday, August 19, 2005

You Can Do Magic

Concert tonight at the Northfork Theater at Westbury, formerly the Westbury Music Fair. I doubt I'll ever get used to the new name. And tonight was special because it was our 20th wedding anniversary.

An unexpected but delightful trio performed first: the Celtic Tenors. They were very good and quite cute. Hubby isn't into Celtic music, but I like it. Air Supply (pictured, and they sure don't look like that on stage, especially Russell, the shorter one, who dresses rather flamboyantly in tan leather pants and a flowery shirt) followed. Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock are celebrating their 30th year performing as Air Supply. Their love songs were perfect for tonight, moreso than usual. We've seen them often and they were as tireless as ever. I thought the bass was too high all night; the vibrations were really getting to me, and it was drowning out some of the singing. Fortunately, we know those songs well. Their part of the show wasn't as long as they usually do and they weren't the last act, as usual. And they did their usual walk through the audience, but bypassed us.

The Celtic Tenors came out to sing with them on their last number and they all harmonized wonderfully together. After, one of the sound guys picked a pick off the floor and handed it to hubby. It says Air Supply on one side, and has Graham Russell's signature embossed on the other. Coolness.

"You can do magic

You can have anything that you desire

Magic, and you know

You're the one who can put out the fire

You know darn well

When you cast your spell you will get your way

When you hypnotize with your eyes

A heart of stone can turn to clay"

America was last, but certainly not least. They're celebrated 35 years performing together. I got to shake Gerry's hand as he came out — we were front row on the aisle by the stage entrance, so had good position for physical contact — then brushed hands with Dewey. They did a long set, including one by the Beatles: "You're Gonna Lose that Girl." Whereas Air Supply is an energized, almost manic duo, America is a bit more lowkey, but they can still rock up a storm when they get into the music. And as Dewey said, they don't sing oldies; they sing classics. Classic rock. Oh yeah.

And I always feel I'm leaving something out. Like, did I mention last time that it took so long for the concert to start, that folks started a wave, which indoors, in a round theater, is quite the thing to see. Fun stuff like that. Oh well. If I did, I'll think of it well after this is posted.

In other developments, CC had its first comment spam, from a Blogger username, so I'm not sure if I'm seeing a new trend here. It was a rather long bit of crap supposedly from the timber industry. Sheesh. I don't want to spend lots of time deleting comment spam, but I don't want to switch commenting services, either. I might just turn off comments to preserve what's already here, and add Haloscan or something similar. For now, I'll wait a bit and see how it goes.