Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday is Just Another Name for Monday

Yesterday, one of our library computer systems went down. It was back today, but the other one went down lunchtime and was still down when we left.

Spent part of the day swatting at a mosquito that refused to leave my office. I'd managed to stun it at one point, but it was on the monitor and I was afraid another smack would damage the monitor, so it managed to recover and flit around my head some more. Next time, the monitor's toast.

Saw my first contingent of random backpack searching cops at my subway station tonght. Unfortunately, most of us were exiting, not entering. I've been looking forward to being randomly selected for a search, despite the fact that I carry a shoulder bag, not a backpack, because it would give me something cool to blog about. How sick is that?

Woohoo. Got the second of 3 in the Serenity prequel comic book mini-series. After I get the third, I'm gonna sit down and watch the whole series on DVD, read the comics, and I'll be go to go for the movie.

Another hot and humid day, but the humidity didn't seem so bad as last week. Still, there's nothing to compare to crossing the street behind a bus and having your ankles blasted with the exhaust on a hot summer day.