Monday, August 15, 2005

Another Toy I Need to Get

I already have the Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure (she's dressed in blue), but now, there's the deluxe model, dressed in bright red. She comes with a book truck! And a Computer (non-working, no doubt)! Be still my heart. (found on Library Stuff)

LiveJournal just made an offer I couldn't refuse: 3 bonus months for paid members who go to autopayment by October, and 100 user icons for $10. I've been spending the night making icons to upload. I'm up to 42. I think I'll leave it at that magic number for a while.

Meanwhile, I spruced up a bit here, adding a userpic, since this template doesn't pull that from my Blogger profile. Actually, I can change the text in the profile section, too, so I did, a bit. Just taking this shiny new chocolicious vehicle out for a quick spin around the block.