Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesday, Tuesday

Okay, I'm running a bit dry right now on clever titles. I'm sure this one will confound the search engines.

I took the Superhero Quiz:

"Tights and Capes: It's Superhero Time!
Mua-ha-ha! You're even smarter than Dr. Doom!
You got 9/10 correct."

Have I mentioned lately that we're in the middle of a three-H weather spell? Hazy, Hot, and Humid. Ninety-plus humidity. Air so thick you can chew it. Humid air is supposedly is lighter than dry air because water is lighter than air. It only feels heavy as lead because the moisture makes you sweat and clogs your pores and your skin can't breathe and.... well, you get the idea. And every hurricane means more rain in NYC. They always affect our weather a few days later even when they don't get this far north in their hurricane or tropical storm state. So I'm considering myself lucky that the thunderstorms predicted for the past two days didn't materialize either day. But if anyone is still in denial about global warming.... HA!

So, no colored scrollbars in Firefox, at least not on my Blogger blogs. Bummer.

Mets won an extra-inning thriller tonight with a walk-off home run by Chris Woodward (yeah, hardly a name player, but we'll take it, and him if he can keep it up).

I can't believe it's mid-July already and I haven't polished my toenails yet. I have it on the schedule now for Sunday.