Wednesday, July 20, 2005

RIP Jimmy Doohan

By now I'm sure the whole blogosphere knows that James "Scotty" Doohan from the original Star Trek has died from Alzheimer's. He's with DeForest Kelly who played Doctor McCoy in that big "Enterprise" in the sky. Doohan was 85. I'm afraid I'll be seeing more favorite actors from my childhood leaving us. They're in their 70s now, most of them, and it feels like I'm losing old friends. They're also from my father's generation, something I hadn't thought of back in the '60s while watching Star Trek and Man From UNCLE and the Wild Wild West (Ross Martin, a bit older, died many years ago) and numerous other shows.

It seems like yesterday when we sat down to watch Star Trek that first night, at my father's insistence (he was a space buff who infected me with his love for space and science fiction), but it was 40 years ago this fall. That hardly seems possible. And as much as I, like nearly every other adolescent girl, loved Spock, I had a warm place in my heart for "Scotty." How ironic that he died on the anniversary of the moon landing. He will be missed.