Thursday, July 14, 2005

From the News

I normally would post some of these things on Occasional Blog, but since they're just bits of things, not essays, I'm posting them here to maintain this blog's rep for eclecticism and eccentricity.

Bernard Ebbers of Worldcom was sentenced to 25 years. I don't think I can adequately express how happy this makes me. I'm tired of bigshot financial scammers, thieves, and cheats getting wrist slapped for driving their companies into the ground and taking money out of stockholders' pockets. Let this sentence serve notice to the rest of the schemers out there. (*Disclaimer: Hubby and I owned Worldcom stock.)

In the "sometimes things go right" department: According to Newsweek (7/18/05) the National Braille Press (NBP), with help from Scholastic (the publisher of Harry Potter) and a lot of donations, will be selling Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in braille just a few days after the regular print hardcover comes out. Not only will it be sold for $29.99, but NBP is making the earlier books in the series available in braille for the price each of a paperback book. Now that's what I call a company with heart.

Okay, this one's for the women. I'll give you guys a chance to avert your eyes. Certain personal hygience products from a certain company now come in small pouches that supposedly don't make noise so that others in public restrooms won't know you're using them. I read about this in Newsweek a while back, in an article about product design innovations. Supposedly, this is something women wanted/needed. I say, WTF? I'm a woman. I have need of a certain product that every other woman between puberty and menopause uses or uses something similar. Why would I be embarrassed for anyone to know it's "that time of month." Sheesh. And it's not really all that quiet. It certainly isn't any less quiet that other sounds eminating from women's room stalls. If they told me, hey, this is biodegradable and the older ones weren't, I'd be praising them for their friendliness to the environment, but if they're trying to sell me on the quietness of the thing, I don't care. I happen to like the product. I don't care what it's wrapped in. And what's with the damn wings on the pads? The velcro-like strips on those make enough noise. Then again, so does the paper strip you pull off the pads. No, I'd say noise is the last thing I worry about.

So anyway, I went to the Kotex site, just to look and maybe see if they make the claim about the packaging there (no, I didn't find it), and was a bit stunned. The site is so perky. It has games. The desktop downloads really caught my eye. Things sure have changed since I first needed such products. Hell, the products are different, too. We used to need little "belts" to hold the things in place. Peoople look to computers and other electronic equipment as the real progress in technology, but some of us know better. The real progress has been in women's hygience products.