Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Weekend That Wasn't

I worked yesterday, so I had a one-day weekend. The morning was spent standing for a half hour in a hot and hazy sunny cemetery for my stepmother's unveiling. (For non-Jews, there are no headstones when someone is buried; a year or so later, the stone is added and "unveiled" in a simple, graveside ceremony.) Then back to my father's house for a barbecue.

The hotdogs were rather tasty. This is significant because the hamburgers, which turned out to be some bizzaro chicken/beef combo, tasted like flavored, mushy cardboard. Bleh. I had two hotdogs, and too much kosher chocolate cake with melting icing for dessert later.

So after we came home, I didn't feel like doing much, so I redid Occasional Blog because I was bored with its layout. And we all know how time consuming playing with templates can be, right?

And soon it will be bedtime and back to work a few hours after I get up tomorrow, hopefully on time provided my new radio station manages to wake me on time. Yeah, I'm still suffering withdrawal. No wonder I can't lose weight. I'm salving my emotional wound with chocolate.