Thursday, June 09, 2005

Google Images Meme

Got this from Brian: Answer questions with Google Images. I don't know if you were supposed to use the first one that pops up, but since I prefer to not post pictures of real people, or reveal personal details, I was a bit selective.

1. The age you will be on your next birthday.

2. The place you live.

3. Your favorite color.

4. The place you want to get married (or the place we *are* getting married). [Being married for almost 20 years, I answered this with the place I did get married.]

5. Your first love. [My first love is my hubby and only pics of real people came up, so I switched to my first real crush, when I was 5.]

6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable.

7. Your favorite animal.

8. The last name of your favorite actor or actress. [I couldn't decide, so went for my 2 favs. One came up exclusively. His last name is uncommon. The other was in the middle of the first screen, so I used that instead of other people with his surname.]

9. The name of a pet.

10. Your favorite song. [I don't have one, so I used our wedding song, and no, it isn't called "Just Because."]

11. A bad habit of yours.

12. Your middle name. [This was really hard. I didn't want my middle name to be too obvious. Had to dig a bit to find this one.]

And FYI, for people who notices the minutiae details here, I deleted the comic book list from the sidebar. It's in Shelly's Book Shelf's sidebar and since it's reading material, I felt it belonged there, not here, especially given the length of the sidebar here.