Monday, April 18, 2005

What is it About Mondays?

Sure, they start the work week and it always takes me a day to get adjusted to the work schedule after a day or two off, but today was so typical of the annoying Mondays I've had this year. First, aside from going to bed later last night than I'd planned, I had a nightmare and forced myself awake, so I didn't get enough sleep. And I have no idea what the dream was about, though the one after involved me on a phone with an ever expanding cord as I kept walking outside with it and the cord stretched from home for blocks and blocks. Weird.

Then, partly because of being tired, I got a tiny pimple on the upper lid of my left eye. It's mostly gone now and feels a lot better, but that thing bothered me all day, scraping across my eye every time I blinked.

And too many things were scheduled at work and we were busy because it was Monday. I'm just glad to get it over.

Put some finishing touches on yesterday's craft projects. Now have to finish varnishing and I can take pics to show off. And the Mets lost. feh