Monday, April 11, 2005

Things That Fell Out of My Mind and Some Other Stuff

Saw daffodils and fresh buds on bushes this morning on the way to the subway. Really makes me feel like it's spring.

Mets won! Mets won! Mets won! I meant to post this yesterday after their first win of the season, but got distracted. (So what else is new. Really, that isn't a question.) And now I can say they have a 2-game winning streak. Yesterday's game was a 2-hit complete game for Pedro (if you have to ask Pedro who? you're not a baseball fan, but it's Pedro Martinez, the new ace of the Mets' pitching staff) who was in a real pitching duel with John Smoltz of Atlanta. A great game made better for the Mets' victory.

Odd thought I had while skimming some odd ads today....
Good news would be seeing your doctor listed in New York Magazine's 100 Best Doctors of the NY area (happened with mine a few times).
Troubling news would be seeing your doctor advertising on the subway or in the newspaper. Yech.

Found this on Generator Blog: Neon Sign Generator. These commercial sites probably have no clue how we bloggers are using their sites. You need to be careful and not actually order the thing, unless you want it, of course. If you don't, just do a screen capture of the preview.