Sunday, April 03, 2005

End of a Con

Connexions is a small slash con (for you non-fen types, there's no explaining it without creeping some of you out) and today is the last day. Fen is plural for fans and slash refers to a type of fan fiction, that of writing known characters in homosexual relationships. I'm not into slash (though I have no problems with reading or writing about gay characters). I'm at this con as a token gen (opposite of slash) mostly so I can spend some quality friendship time with my best friend.

Today is the last day of the con and the dealers' room is as cold as an ice box (freezer, for you young 'uns). I'm sitting in the little lobby area of the hotel's mezzanine where it must be twenty degrees warmer. Not comfortable for me, but much better. And the WiFi signal is working, which is a plus.

Dinner last night was better. We ate in the hotel restaurant, but got burgers instead of steaks and they were fairly edible.

Crap. It must still be pretty cold. I'm starting to develop a hacking cough. The weather is pretty sucky here in Baltimore. The rain stopped, but it's cloudy and windy, and someone said it's cold. Nothing like having the A/C blasting cold air when the outside temp is wintry. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture? And I'm still a bit disoriented from losing an hour of sleep. I love daylight savings time and having it get dark later, but I really hate going into DST because usually, I can really use the sleep.