Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tired Tuesday

I didn't get enough sleep last night. Wow, there's a news flash. I don't know when I last got enough sleep, but at least I slept soundly which was nice. Two nights in a row.

Wasn't much in the mood for work, so fiddled with the website and fixed some of the stuff nagging at me (tho the home page still doesn't feel right to me and I can't get into the css cuz that's administrative and I don't have a login for that level), then went through the piles of papers I've accumulated over the last few months and round-filed a stack of the mess. Busy work like that is fine when I don't feel like thinking. Had an hour at the reference desk answering calls and that was fine. Everyone who called was nice. No weirdos, no one who cursed at me. And as usually happens on days like this, I got involved in the cleaning and busy work and lost track of time and the day ended before I was ready for it to end. Best case scenario there, and I got to come home, where I've been vegging reading blogs.

So, no fun links tonight. Just plain old, tired me.