Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Anatomy of a Day

A good/bad kind of day.

Had my annual physical.

Uptown train service was out so I took the train into Manhattan, then walked35 or so blocks. Made it with a few minutes to spare.

Sat and waited. Doctor was running behind schedule.

Read lots of pages in The Speed of Dark.

Finally got to have my appointment 1 hour 20 minutes late.

Only weigh 2 pounds more than last year's appointment. Which means I gained 2 pounds plus the 4 I'd lost over the summer. I really need to get back to the gym.

Ended up not having lunch, but did get a donut at my favorite donut shop at Lexington Avenue and 86th Street.

Didn't have time to get my comics and wasn't sure if the trains were running to get me downtown to the store where I have my pull list on file. Will get them tomorrow on my lunch hour.

Walked the 35 blocks back down to the train to Queens.

Got fresh bagels on the way home.

My feet are tired.

Watching Alias and Man From UNCLE is on the American Life cable channel at 10 pm EST.