Monday, February 21, 2005

Tweaking the Design

I spent uh, hours tonight trying to add a third column, aka a second sidebar, for my Bloglines blogroll. I wanted a second sidebar because, let's face it, the sidebar is very long as it is and my blogroll is uh, about as long. But no go. I got a test blog working with a double sidebar: cc testing ground. But when I tried it here, even with fiddling with the widths, I couldn't get the second sidebar to stop going to the bottom of the blog, right above the footer. But at least I got it to work there, thanks to studying a template someone put up on the Blogger Forum, using the rounders template. This is Minima.

What to do? I really wanted to add the full blogroll (well, all the public folders. I still have a few blogs that aren't listed here that I subscribe to and news services). So I tweaked. I made the font on most items smaller. I cut some descriptions. I switched some paragraph breaks to plain breaks. And I removed all the blogs from the separate links list that also appear in the blogroll. My apologies to those who were cut, but you are still listed, Barrie and Puglet and Megan (who needs to update!) and justrose and CatalogueAnnie, and Kirk. If I could find a feed for the others, I'd cut them, too. I would prefer to subscribe, but so far, Bloglines can't come up with anything for Brian (not that I wouldn't visit his site every day anyway cuz, if you haven't noticed, it needs to be viewed for full enjoyment, same as Kirk's. And for the rest of you, these guys (along with a few others) have blogs I never miss reading, even when I skim or skip over some others. But there are plenty of good blogs in the blogroll. I wish I had time to read them all carefully, and I keep finding more to add! (sigh)

Since my cold is easing up, I figured it was time to switch my Unky Mood. I was gonna use something else, but this new one caught my eye and, well, I couldn't resist it. And I'm still a Flippery Fish. Damn. Maybe more folks who link to me need to join the ecosystem. C'mon, gang, I can't swim. I can't be a fish. Really. I can barely float. (double sigh)

And don't forget, there are lots of fun things in the sidebar, even if you have to scroll a bit to find them all.