Wednesday, February 02, 2005


This music link on Boing Boing is just too good to not share: The Beatles and the Monkees together, sorta, doing Paperback Writer/I'm a Believer.

So with the President speaking, "Alias" wasn't on tonight, and the alternatives were pretty slim, except I now know about GoodLife channel and happily watched "I Spy" and "The Man From UNCLE," instead.

I'd planned to use my day off constructively today, but ended up cleaning out one looseleaf folder of some old character scenarios my best friend and I wrote together over the late-'80s/early-'90s. These characters and sample scenes spawned a number of collaborative stories over the years, but it was time to purge the files. I just couldn't get rid of them without skimming them first. And that killed most of the afternoon. There was some good stuff in there, but it seemed so primitive next to our writing skill now. Still, a nice, lazy day isn't anything to dismiss, either. I think I needed it, even if it meant not enjoying a beautiful day.

Finished reading Sickened, will try to get a review up on Shelly's Book Shelf tomorrow, where I posted a new entry for my fledgling meme. And for once, I don't need to spend much time picking a book to read next; I sorta promised to read Motherless Brooklyn next so I can discuss it with someone. That will make 3 books in a row, fiction and non-fiction, focusing on illness or disability. Yup, definitely a theme. I suppose I should follow that up with Speed of Dark. Must look for other such books awaiting my attention.