Monday, January 24, 2005


*Thank Goodness It's Over.

Today, that is. A Monday of Mondays. Lots of snow. Lots of train problems, including a fire (deliberately set, it seems) that knocked out most of a subway line. My fav newstands were closed so I had to hunt down a Daily News. A lot of staff called out sick or on unscheduled annual leave. The phones were busy. It was too cold and slippery to really walk around during lunch time and I feel like I'm getting fat because I'm not getting my morning and midday walks in.

I was going to bring my camera to get some nice snow shots, but didn't feel like carrying it (there really isn't room in my shoulder bag) and it was too cold to really use it outdoors. I have trouble holding it steady when my hands are shaking or if I have gloves on. At least my work PC is back to its former self, so the day wasn't completely irritating. And now I'm sitting here sipping hot chocolate, so that's a nice way to end the day.