Monday, January 03, 2005

Chocolicious Linkage

I decided to do memes dealing with books over on Shelly's Book Shelf. This one starts off the new year. Haven't put up fun links here for a while, so here are some good ones to start off the new year.

This site has some nice end of year lists, including someone's not read and has no plans to read booklist.

Aha! I knew I couldn't control being a collector. This research proves it.

Realistic resolutions and Generate Your Own Dave Barry column now that he's taken time off from writing it, maybe for good, both found on Chaos Theory.

Found on Cynical-C Blog: Puppet Tool, for cool animations; an ASCII generator; and another in a long line of online name generators. For the last item, you can set the obscurity factor. I set it fairly high and got these:
1. Garnet Chiz
2. Janina Starnauld
3. Anabel Chaknis
4. Alesia Caudel
5. Phyliss Yem
These can make good character names. I'm partial to #4.

Make a montage of an image Google search with Montage-a-Google. Found on The Presurfer.