Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Slogging Thru the Day

Snow showers or really heavy flurries this afternoon. And me without my camera.

Like everyone else, I've been listening to the news out of south Asia, numbed and horrified by the numbers of dead, reading about how it could happen on the US east coast, that an earthquake somewhere in the Atlantic many years ago (in the south Atlantic, I think) have set things up for a possibly devasting quake and tidal wave like the tsunami in Asia. Not a pleasant thought when you live in a coastal city. I don't like blogging here about such somber things because I like this blog to be where I and those of you reading can come for relief and relaxation, but the tsunami's devastation has been mindnumbing and I needed to note that here.

I haven't had comments here for a bit. I will allow that folks are busy with holidays and I'll try to not feel unloved. I've said that comments aren't necessary but I think I became addicted. I'm moving the Guest Book up, too, since no one's used it. If it remains unused after a few months, maybe I'll delete it.

A new year comes in in less than a week. I am not ready to start writing 2005.

I've been getting comments on Blog Explosion re: Retro-Spective that it's not readable in Firefox, which I don't have, but it looks fine in AOL and IE and I fiddled with the template in much the same manner I've done with this one and my other Blogger blogs. If anyone has any idea why things would look different in Firefox than in IE, just leave a comment or email me. Try to use simple language, because I seem like I know and understand more than I do.