Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Random Bits Department

Non-Fattening Chocolate: Cocoa Therapy from Origins.

You can't see me, but I'm doing the happy dance right now. They finally picked a replacement morning DJ for Harry Harrison who retired over a year ago from WCBS-FM 101.1 (and unretired recently to do a Saturday morning show at the station). And the winner is... MICKEY DOLENZ. Mickey had been a guest with the morning fill-in guy back in October and was wonderful and they decided to give him the slot if he was interested and he was. Oh sure, they went with a "celebrity name," hoping to beef up the ratings, but in my mind, they couldn't have picked a better guy. I've been a Monkees fan since the TV show first aired and Mickey was my favorite. I already mentioned seeing him in concert. And now (well, as of 1/10/05) I'll get to hear him every weekday morning. I am jazzed.

I'm still on a pseudo-chocolate high from having finished the draft of my novel last night. I plan to catch up on reading, starting with the stacks of comics and magazines that piled up in recent months, but I'll reserve time for blogging. I do want to get a new entry up on Retro-Spective. Going back to work today was tough, but the day went quickly and I ended up spending most of it sorting through mail, both hardcopy and email, and catching up on what I've missed over the past 2 days. We also have a project to work on so I got started on that.