Sunday, December 26, 2004

It's Not Just Library Books

Argh! Sorry, I just have to vent a moment. I finally have some time to sit down with the PhotoShop 7 manual I got over the summer (and therefore, too late to return it to Barnes & Noble) and I'm in chapter 2 and what do I see? Someone's highlighted text and used a dark highlighter that's making the text difficult for me to read. Plus they didn't highlight things I want highlighted. And I've been highlighting and making notes up to this point, so that's another reason I can't return this book.

It's very annoying. It's very distracting, and I don't know if this person (a Mac user because when he or she highlighted commands, they chose the ones for Macs, not for PCs) marred this book in the store or took it home, did it, then returned it. And I'd flipped through it in the store and didn't spot the damage. And if either, why bother highlighting? Sheesh. So tomorrow, I'll be looking for a replacement because this is just too annoying.

Argh. No, it's not just library books people vandalize.