Thursday, November 04, 2004

Weekend Getaway

Tomorrow, I head out for the wilds of southern New Jersey, where I hope to get some decent fall foliage shots (have I mentioned that already?), with a side trip to Philadelphia for the annual Miniatures show there where I plan to spend some money buying cool, little things for my various dollhouses and roomboxes. I hope to blog a bit from my best friend's PC, but if not, don't worry; I'll be back blogging Monday night.

Meanwhile, I made a few cosmetic changes here. First, as you can see, I found a nice replacement for the Kerry/Edwards campaign "poster." Second, I took out the background for the sidebar and replaced it with black. I just thought the background didn't fit with the title header background. I also fussed with the look of the posts, putting backgrounds around the date and footers so they'll stand apart more from the actual entries and I moved the Milanos chocolate graphic up to the post header where I think it looks better, especially when I start posts off with graphics. I hope everyone finds the changes pleasing on the eye and readable, too. Let me know if there are problems, but I think this overall look is more cohesive and readable.