Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Back to work. Took only an hour to go through the emails for the week I was away. Always fun. Not. I especially love (not) the emails for things long gone and the ones correcting or updating earlier emails I haven't read yet, either. Phone service disruption as.... Phone service at ..... restored. Meeting notice. Correction to meeting notice. (sigh) I used to go through the emails in order, but I've learned to look for superceded emails now and just trash the earlier ones unopened. It shaves off a few valuable moments.

To reward myself for surviving the workday, I made myself a chocolate malted for dinner (lots of healthy calcium, okay?) and it was the yummiest in a while. Just the right chocolatey goodness I needed.

I didn't read all the blog entries I missed over the last 4 days while I was shopping til I dropped, especially for the web surfing blogs, but I did a quick skimming tonight and had to share the following:

I'm sure I blogged about this a while back on CC Jr, but I do love it and Cynical-C Blog posted the link today, so here it is, the Virtual Stapler. I have a tangible old-fashioned stapler (the top one in the menu) and have always had a soft spot for it. My father had two and gave me one when I was a kid. Whenever mine ran out of staples, I swapped it with his, making sure to put it in the exact place as his. His stapler had his initials written in Magic Marker on the bottom, but he never thought to check, so I never had to add staples, just swap out the staplers and let him do the real work. A few years ago, I confessed this to him. He laughed and said he had wondered all those years ago how he could go through staples so fast. I'm a bit in love with office supplies, and staplers are favorites of mine. The site's pretty cool, too. You can download stapler wallpapers there and find all sorts of other goodies.

If you'd like a working clock for your wallpaper, this site is for you.

It's so odd. I feel as if I've been blogging forever, but it's been only 8 months since I started my first AOL blog. Amazing how fast you can get used to doing something, how fast it can become routine. Now if I can only get some of my friends to blog. heh. Share the "wealth" and all that.