Monday, November 29, 2004

The Procedure

AKA removal of the fibroid adenoma in my left breast through ultrasound-guided suction was completed this morning in about twenty minutes. And except for the injection of anesthesia, hurt less than the biopsy did. Who woulda thunk it? I watched on the monitor and could see the probe thingie, but didn't really see (I was at a bad angle) the actual suctioning, but I could definitely see the absence of the thing after. A marker was placed inside to indicate where it was, a titanium-something alloy (I don't recall what the "something" was) and no, I won't set off metal detectors (Yeah, I asked). Instead of the stapling noise of the device plucking out samples for biopsy, this had a motor sound, not unlike the gentle ratchety sound of a wind-up toy. Dr. D, who is younger than me, thanked me after for being so good. I thanked her for making it so painless. I'm sure I'll have a helluva bruise in a day or so, cuz I bruise easily, but I'm used to that. So, no showering or getting it wet for 48 hours and no strenuous exercise, either. Oh darn. I won't be able to clean. (See Shelly grinning with delight.) I am so glad my radiologists' office has this machine. This is way better than surgery.

So I come home and get a splinter in my left hand, similar to how I got one a few weeks ago, from a wood hanger. I threw the hanger out last time; this time, I'm tossing all the wood hangers and using the plastic ones I have here that are strong enough for coats and jackets, tho I'll need two more and I think I'll wait til after the holiday shopping insanity is over at The Container Store, which is my current favorite place to shop for household goods. Bed, Bath, and Beyond is okay, but they keep rearranging things and it's hard to navigate in that store. And they'll be crowded now, too.

And the splinter's still in the fleshy part of my palm, too deep under the skin to grab with a tweezers. Right now, it's bothering me more than my breast, which is still mostly numb.

I think I need to make myself a malted.