Monday, November 22, 2004

If My Brain Feels Fried, It Must Be Monday

Some links to get things started:
Just to clarify: I did not win that award I posted yesterday. I took it from the Freudian Slippers blog where it was offered to anyone who wanted it. I figured I deserved it.

So today we had the next installment of the ongoing daytime drama, "The Patron from Hell." It's an alternating cast, but for the past few months, we've had the same star.

I enjoy "Two and a Half Men," mostly because I enjoy Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer and think they work well off each other, but tonight's episode was just weird. Charlie's wife, Denise Richards, as one of his ex-girlfriends and their daughter, Sam, as her baby. I'm glad to hear that they have a good marriage because I don't see any onscreen chemistry between them. It's always odd to see that happen, married couples who don't have chemistry onscreen.

I tried yet another blog service, Modblog. You can see my little effort here. At some point, I plan to write up little reviews of the services I've tried, which will be just my impressions and what I had difficulty with. I've tried only free services. I make these blogs all over to see what the services are like so if people ask for recommendations, I'll be able to talk about more than AOL or Blogger. And because I get so darned curious.

A few thoughts on surfing via Blog Explosion:
  1. If it takes nearly 30 seconds or longer to load, there's no point in having your blog on BE (I might be guilty of this, because sometimes, this blog is slow loading. Can anyone using BE and having Cyber Chocolate pop up let me know if it loads within a reasonable amount of time?)
  2. I don't like music on blogs. I usually have the radio or TV on or maybe a CD playing in my PC's CD player. I don't need to hear your music. I don't even like it usually.
  3. I'm tired of getting blogs or pages about blogs that never change. I can't wait for category choice so I can eliminate service sites. I feel the same way about political and religious blogs.
  4. I'm tired of getting blogs that never update. I don't update all of mine every day, even a couple I have on BE, but I do make an effort. I've seen blogs on BE that haven't been updated in months, longer than BE has been around unless I'm mistaken about BE's age.
  5. I don't rate blogs unless I can give them at least a 6. Unless a blog really annoys me, ie has colors that make my eyes bleed or something.
  6. If I remove a blog from my Blogmarks, it means that either it isn't really for me, or I've added it to my Bloglines blogroll. Please don't feel insulted if you see it gone from my BE blogmarks.
And with that, I'll call it a night. I guess.