Monday, November 08, 2004

Home Again, Home Again...

Jiggity Jig.

Spent 3 1/2 days visiting with J, my best friend, in south Jersey. I didn't get online, so no blogging. Sorry. I'm catching up with things now.

Friday, my train came in late, left late, arrived in Philadelphia late. No big surprise there. J and I spent the day shopping at Depford Mall, drove around for a while trying to find decent fall foliage spots for picture-taking (the pickings were slim thanks to a rainstorm and lots of wind that blew off half the leaves from any tree with decent fall coloring), and we had dinner at a Pizzeria Uno. Poor thing had never had their pizza skins before. She's hooked now. heh.

Saturday, we went into Philadelphia for the annual Philadelphia Miniaturia show at the Adam's Mark hotel. I've been into dollhouse miniatures on and off since I was a kid, and heavily for the last dozen years. I got J hooked because I needed her to drive me over to the Philadelphia show about 5 or so years ago. Now she's working on her own roombox. We bought a lot of cool things, including some very nice miniature desserts. I'm working on a bar/restaurant in miniature as well as finishing furnishing my two dollhouses and some roomboxes. Dinner was at Friendly's with her hubby.

Sunday, we went back to the miniatures show. We've gotten friendly with a lot of the dealers/artisans and as usual, we ended up spending as much time visiting with them as shopping. After, we ate in the hotel's Appleby's (hardly my favorite chain, but the hamburger was fairly edible, I was hungry, and the fries were actually quite tasty). Then we saw "A Shark's Tale," which was pretty funny and cute. We were the only ones who stayed through the credits (I never leave before the credits are over if I can help it) and therefore, we got to see/hear the little gags they threw in after the movie was over, story-wise.

Today, it was back to Amtrak. My train was running a half hour late, so I caught the one from an hour earlier that was running... yup, an hour late. It lost another 20 minutes en route. Back to work tomorrow. Vacation weekends go way too quickly and now I've got a lot of things to go through. I did read the last few days' worth of newspaper comics and still have a couple of taped TV shows to watch.