Sunday, November 28, 2004

Catching Up Finally

Okay, I missed posting yesterday. I had work and then at night, got too involved with playing with a new blog template (yeah, I know, another one) with a retro look and I figured I might actually blog about my past (inspired by justrose, but not nearly as interesting, I'm sure). It's not ready for unveiling yet and Blogger is giving me problems re: working on the template right now. Plus, I don't know how to do what I really want, so I'm making do and experimenting, so we'll see.

Meanwhile, hubby and I went to dinner last night at a retro diner called Johnny Rockets, which I've seen in Greenwich Village for years and always wanted to try, so now that they opened one in Queens, not far from us, we went. Atmosphere was great, with jukeboxes at the tables and a nice, bright red and black & white check decor, and the food was okay, but really, I don't recall ever eating burgers that greasy when I was a kid. The chocolate malted was okay, but not as chocolatey as I make. The fries were the best part of my meal, greasy, but very tasty. Now that my curiosity has been satisfied, I have no urge to go back.