Thursday, October 21, 2004

Things I'm Looking Forward To and Some Other Stuff

In comics, I'm looking forward to Hal Jordan becoming Green Lantern again. That should be next month. I'm also looking forward to Top Cow reprinting J. Michael Straczynski's Midnight Nation. I have the 12-part maxi-series, but I would love to get it all in one volume, so I hope they plan to bring it out as a graphic novel. If you haven't read this and you're up for a gritty, philosophical story about the nature and need of souls, this is something you shouldn't miss. I actually cried at the end and there are few comic books that have done that for me.

I'm also looking forward to next week's issue of The Outsiders. It's guest-starring John Walsh (DC agreed to do the story at his request, and Judd Winick is the writer) and will be a 3-part story about a child slavery ring. In part two, next month, one of the new characters/team members, Grace, will have to deal with issues from her past (which means we might finally get an origin for her or at least some background info) and in the third part, due out in December, Roy "Arsenal" Haper reportedly will have to deal with his young daughter disappearing. Roy's my favorite comic book character, so I'm really looking forward to this story which will feature him.

As for the other stuff of the entry title, someone posted a link for a color fader, so I tried it out: Cyber Chocolate. There's a lot of code for such a little thing, but it's pretty cool. And you can see I managed to add a background to an entry, thanks to Sheila.