Friday, October 15, 2004

People Are Weird

Gothamist has a yummy, chocolicious entry about a chocolate cookbook called Chocolate Bar.

Non-chocolate business. This is (mostly) a rhetorical question: What possesses someone to email someone because of something said on a message board, then block mail from that someone when they try to answer? Yeah, it's the last word syndrome, which makes for a bit of irony given that getting the last word was part of the issue involved. And of course, we all know I'm the someone on the receiving end, or why would I bother blogging about it? (Now that was fully rhetorical.)

My sig line on the AOL message boards is "I'm not close-minded, you're just wrong," a wonderful bit of fluffy nonsense said by Bucky Katt in the Get Fuzzy comic strip. (This was to replace my previous quote of "Life isn't all thorns and singing vultures," uttered by Morticia Addams on the TV show.) I use that quote for a number of reasons.
  1. It made me chuckle.
  2. I resisted making a signature for the boards because I thought they were corny, so I decided to have some fun with the concept by using something off-beat and a tad perverse, almost a spoof of sig lines if you will.
  3. I figured I'd have a bit of fun at my own expense, show that I don't take life or myself too seriously. That's the kind of sense of humor I have.

So of course, someone took it way too seriously, saying it explained my posting style, who I am, etc. Well, yeah, my cyber self, perhaps. The person who likes to just say what I feel like saying while trying to stay within AOL's TOS, of course. As for being right all the time, well, not all the time. After all, I'm not perfect. Yet. heh

I really don't like blogging about AOL or any other online service, and I'm not even upset (though I was a tad miffed when I did get an AOL TOS violation email about a message board post of mine where I --gasp-- actually put up a link to a non-AOL blog that didn't meet with AOL's TOS), but it's been on my mind, so what the hell (as opposed to "heck" which would be what I'd have to use, I guess, on my AOL blog), why not? It's my blog and I can blog about it if I want to. And 'cause, well, I don't have much else to say today.

(Gotta go find more quizzes to do.)