Saturday, October 23, 2004

My Day So Far

Turns out there was no local service into Manhattan from my stop this morning, so I ended up walking back one stop to the express. This took 15 minutes, but I still made it on time to work, and the exercise was good for me.

Then there was a bomb scare or some such shortly before noon. Police blocked off the street and I was wondering if it would get cleared up and we'd be allowed to leave so I could have lunch, given that I had reference desk duty scheduled for most of the afternoon. We have one person out sick, so I'm doing an extra hour of desk work this afternoon. Have I mentioned that most of our service is via mail and phone? And while typing this, I just answered three calls. :)

So in between phone calls and doing some paperwork, I did this quiz I saw on my so-called strife. I don't think I'd done it before. Oddly enough, we both are the same movie.