Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hump Day Fun Day Activities

This is pretty cool: Games and graphic effects, found on Idle Type. I did these type effects with Grappa. I'll move 'em around a bit so you won't get bored seeing them all at once.

So after months without a paper cut, I now have 3, having sliced two different fingers at the workshop yesterday morning and then gouging a piece of skin off the knuckle of my right index finger while handling a dangerous piece of paper. They really should put warning labels on those things.

And no flu shot this year. I have an appointment to get one at work next week, but now there's not enough vaccine. I think my throat is already getting sore and I might have a fever coming on. Hypochondriac? Not me. Nope. heh

Okay, back to the fun and games. This is just too sick not to be funny. Pee-Mail, found on J-Walk Blog.

Well, that was rude. Now where were we? Oh, right. How about the Periodic Table of Blogs? Found on The Presurfer.

Oh, and Way to Go, SpaceShipOne on winning the X Prize! And I was sad to hear that both Rodney Dangerfield and Janet Leigh died. At least that news was more interesting than the VP debates. I know who I'm voting for and while the presidential candidates debating might influence undecideds, I doubt anyone cares about the VP candidates debating, except perhaps people who enjoy circus acts.

Wen Spencer's Dog Warrior is finally out. This is the 4th book in her Ukiah Oregon series and I'm totally hooked on Ukiah, the main character, and the wonderful alien culture she set up. She's not the best writer, but the characters and stories really move. So I set Singularity Sky aside for the moment to read this. So far, it's living up to my expectations.