Monday, October 11, 2004

Holiday Notes

I managed to actually get up early enough to go to the gym this morning, the first time in over two weeks, and was happy to see I'd gained only a pound, barely. Afterward, I went to Macy's, just to see if there was anything new of interest, mostly in the shoe department, as if I need more.

And I found.... Mia, a lovely little waterproof number from Santana, a Canadian manufacturer of 100 per cent waterproof boots. I love them. I have 4 pairs currently, and when I went online to look for this picture, I found a few others Macy's didn't have that I wouldn't mind owning. What I most love about them, not counting that waterproofing, is that they fit my heavy calves. :)

I think these have the hip look of Uggs without being ugly like Uggs. Or am I the only one who thinks those Ugg boots look ridiculous, especially worn with short skirts in temps hovering in the 70s, as I've seen them in NYC over the past year.