Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A Few More Things

Wanna be an artist? Thanks to this website, you can create work as if you were Jackson Pollack, and using only orange. Found on Book Lust. Okay, it isn't great art, and it's not even my best effort. My best effort was the first one, but I accidentally clicked on it and it went away. So don't click. You can save by Print Screen, then pasting into a photo program and cropping to the actual artistic masterpiece, resizing, etc.

I found a cute meme on Firsts and Lasts, and put the answers over on Cyber Chocolate, Jr. I don't know why I've become a sucker for these things, but I am.

Instead of my back order from L.L. Bean for black stretch corduroy pants, I got someone else's order for an infant sweater. I was a tad suspicious before I opened it when I saw how small the package was, small enough to be stuffed into my mailbox, which given that I live in an apartment, isn't very big. Apparently, one of their auto-sorters had a fit the other day. Guy on the phone said they'd been getting a number of calls about mixed up orders today. He sounded so cheery, I was wondering if he was human. But at least he sounded American. No outsourcing, thank goodness. And it is nice to talk to a helpful, cheerful sales rep. Really.

And now, after being tired all day, I'm wide awake and it's nearly bedtime. This is my childhood and teens all over again, without a mother around to drag me out of bed in the morning. I just have to make sure I don't start blog surfing the way I did last night, and maybe I'll manage to get to bed and to sleep at a decent hour tonight. :)