Thursday, October 07, 2004

Another Entry of No Great Consequence

Some good radio news here in NYC. One of my fav DJs, Harry Harrison, is coming back this Saturday to CBS-FM 101.1, the oldies station. Known as the "Morning Mayor," Harry woke me up for nearly 30 years with his morning show and when he retired over a year ago, reportedly over dissatification with the changes at CBS-FM over the updating and narrowing of the playlist and other policy changes in an attempt by the station to appeal to younger listeners as its core audience ages, I felt like I'd said goodbye to a longtime friend. In the months following his retirement, his wife was diagnosed with cancer and died a short while later and his priorities changed. I hate that he lost his wife, but I am glad he's coming back, even if for just the one morning a week. Hearing his voice on the promos they've been playing for the show is enough to transport me back in time and fill me with memories.


Here are a couple of more fun links. I am so appreciative of the folks who have link blogs and do all the hard work of searching out these things. It takes me enough time as it is to skim through their finds; I shudder at the amount of time I'd need to do the searching myself.

The best I can say about this item is that it's crafty and uh, clever. But you won't find them on my feet. Make Slippers from Maxi-Pads, if you dare. Found on Cynical-C Blog.

Overheard in New York. Uh, just what it sounds like. Interesting snatches of conversation. The kind of stuff you can't make up. Found on J-Walk Blog. I think it can become addicting.