Thursday, September 02, 2004


Close Encounter of the Skirt Kind: It's tax-exempt week in NYC for clothing under $110 and I so wanted to take advantage of it. So I started checking the stores near work. Saw some nice stuff in Club Monaco, especially a skirt I liked with pockets that seemed longer than the usual belt-sized monstrosities. Alas. The pockets weren't deep enough and the skirt, which fell to my knees, hiked up to my crotch when I sat down because it was just too damned narrow. And the larger size was just ridiculous, way too loose on me and the pockets were still too shallow for a wallet. Even my keys looked like they'd pop out. (sighing heavily)

Tee-Shirt for Sale: Saw them being sold on a corner. They were emblazoned with this slogan : "Stop the BUSHIT." I almost bought one, but the neck was too high. I can't wear high necked clothes, anymore. I feel like I'm choking. And to think I used to love wearing turtlenecks when I was in high school.

The Yankees: They gave up 22 runs the other night. As a Mets fan (a long suffering Mets fan who has occasionally been rewarded for my patience, but not for a while now), I found this very satisfying.

The Reason I Do What I Do: Today was a librarian's dream day. I was three-for-three. Not only did one woman tell the young librarian trainee on the phone that she wanted to talk to his supervisor, but after she gushed over him to me, she decided I was very nice, too, and she needed to speak to my supervisor to tell him how nice the young trainee and I both are. He was at lunch, but I gladly gave her his name.

I didn't have much chance to do my happy dance because I had to call back an irate patron. After I explained that we were doing the best we can regarding the problem she was having, she was very nice and friendly and we bonded when we discovered we were both Hunter College alums (though 4 decades apart) and we both love Paul Taylor Dance Theater. We had a nice chat, and for a 87-year-old, she sure is spry. And she gets in more exercise than I do. I have to do something about that. The treadmill just ain't enough, or so she explained to me. But definitely, a warm and fuzzy phone encounter.

But wait, there's more! When I was answering phones in the evening -- this having been our late night -- not only did I not get any calls from crazies or cranks or complainers, but a very nice man thanked us for all we do before he hung up, another satisfied patron.

Days like this I almost don't need the subway to get home. I could float all the way. However, I'm sure some nonsense will drag me back to earth tomorrow.

Gmail Invites: I have some. Email me with your name if you want one. Preference to folks I already know from somewhere online. If we haven't encountered each other online before and you have a blog, leave me a link to it and I'll check you it out.