Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Lookee! Lookee!

I did it. Since it was such a crappy day here today -- thank you tropical storm or whatever you are now Frances now that you've meandered your way up to NYC -- I ended up not going out because a lot of the subways got flooded (I'm working Saturday, so this is my day off), and worked on blogs and cleaning up stuff around here (mostly going through magazines). I did take a few pictures and reduced them to clip art size for this blog so now I've got my little chocolate entry graphic. I still need to take a few more pics. I have to buy some Oreos, and maybe make chocolate chip cookies (when it cools off cuz it's stinky hot and humid in here and I just ran the dishwasher in in the kitchen--well, where else would it be?) and have no desire to have the oven on. So there will be more. Maybe hot chocolate over the winter. I think the open Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream container looks a bit like a mug of cocoa, but it's ice cream. Really. Or am I the only one who think it looks like cocoa?

So I didn't go out and get my hair cut and I didn't go to Macy's to see if they got in winter boots yet, or go take photos on the Upper Eastside -- I want to get shots of the CitiCorp building (before al Queda blows it up) and the "Lipstick Building," (which is my favorite modern building -- it got that nickname cuz it looks like a tube of lipstick). My fav older building is the Flatiron Building. I got a really neat shot of it recently, with an old-fashioned clock in the foreground. Now if they would just remove the scaffolding so I can get a shot of the entire building, I'll be happy. My photos are on my Creative Endeavors blog, if you haven't taken a look -- and if not, why the hell not?

And I still need to take photos of crafty things for the craft site I'm supposed to be doing so the best bud and I can sell our crafts online one of these days. I want to use pics of our actual crafts for the nav bar I have in mind. This would be so much easier if I had the time to really learn how to use PhotoShop and the more complicated aspects of DreamWeaver like css, tables, layers, and whatnot. The whatnot is always the hardest to do.